Choosing Trust

Trust can often feel strained or even broken in a relationship.  A partner contacts someone of the opposite sex on the internet. Inappropriate texts. Cheating. A return to addictive behaviors – alcohol, drug use, gambling, porn – these all can hurt a relationship. Usually there are promises to stop a behavior and an apology for… Read More

What are we looking for on our phones?

Just Filling Time I am becoming aware of something new that’s been happening lately. Maybe it has been something that you have experienced also.  If I have just a free minute, I grab my phone and scroll through looking for updates and notifications.  Almost unconsciously, like a robot, I look for some external stimuli to… Read More

Dealing with World Events

The world seems to be self-destructing. Whether it is violence, natural disasters or political discord, our world can seem like it is on the precipice of a cliff. Life used to seem predictable, and now we are confronted with what seems like increased danger, destruction and conflict. It is becoming more common for people to… Read More

The Fixing Trap

Guys, it’s not your fault. You were taught to do this by your dad, or your grandfather. If she’s upset, it’s our job to solve the problem. The old cliché, “Happy wife, happy life” easily turns into “if she’s unhappy, I better fix it!” This would be all well and good if that is what… Read More