Online Therapy

There are many good reasons people choose online therapy over coming into the office.

I live in an area with few therapists.

In many areas of Colorado, there aren’t many therapists nearby. Living in the mountains or a rural area doesn’t give you many options. Traveling to the city is an all-day affair.

Even in the city, sometimes the therapist you want to work with is 45 minutes away. Rush hour, construction, and accidents wreak havoc on getting to appointments. Travel time makes it harder to get to therapy on a regular basis. Online therapy solves the accessibility problem.

I’m way too busy to drive to a therapist’s office.

Not everyone works 9 to 5. Sometimes work schedules are flexible, and sometimes they aren’t. Many people have schedules that change or vary. Having the option of online therapy eliminates the stress of taking time off or trying to ‘beat’ traffic.

Many people have family obligations. If you are taking care of children or an elderly parent, your ability to get to a therapy appointment is probably limited. Loading the kids in the car, finding childcare, making sure everyone is taken care of is important.

On the other hand, having people to take care of often contributes to stress – and more need for self-care which can include therapy!

Getting around is physically challenging for me.

Many people have health conditions that prevent driving or make it difficult to leave home. Coming to an office appointment occasionally might be possible, but weekly sessions would be difficult.

Online video therapy makes regular appointments a possibility, even if a health condition makes getting to therapy difficult.

I’m stressed out and don’t feel like leaving the house.

Many mental health issues can create stress. People often feel overwhelmed. Sometimes anxiety or depression can make it difficult to leave the house.

While usually it would be nice to come in to the office, it may not always be an option because emotions take over. Online therapy makes it possible to attend your session, even if you are having a really bad day.

I’m suddenly unable to make it to my appointment.

Child care fell through. Spouse had to work late. There was a thing at work that the boss didn’t mention until 4 pm. A meeting got scheduled without your knowledge. A kid is sick, and you don’t want to expose me to the plague (thanks!). Car broke down. Refrigerator leaked. Disaster strikes, and you can’t make it to your session.

Life gets in the way, often at the last minute. Online Therapy helps make therapy possible even when things go haywire.

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