Turning Uncertainty into Opportunity

Dramatic Changes: What happens next with this Coronavirus? Our lives have already changed dramatically. Kids are home from school.  Increasingly, people are working from home. Grocery store shelves are half empty. Information on the news is confusing and changing day by day. New recommendations from the government all the time. We wonder how long all… Read More

The Pain Brain Feedback Loop

Pain That Stays: People who have physical pain face a host of problems. For good reason, the main focus is usually the physical pain and attempting to find some relief, if not a cure. Unfortunately for many people, chronic pain becomes a part of life. Medical solutions often are temporary, or inadequate.  Sometimes doctors can’t… Read More

How is that New Year’s Resolution Going?

Most people don’t stick with their resolutions for long, or at the very least, quickly give up on attaining what they really want.  The problem isn’t with the goal, it’s with our tendency to focus on the seemingly impossible end result.

Holiday Survival Part 3: Coping with Grief

Holidays Remind us of Loss The holidays are supposed to be a time of joy and celebration. We see friends and family who we haven’t spent time with for a while. We attend gatherings and review the year, revel in our accomplishments, talk about the kids, laugh and enjoy food and drink together. Inevitably there… Read More