Individual Therapy

This is all about YOU.

In the end, it all boils down to you.

Life is stressful. We worry about other people in our lives, or dwell in sadness about the circumstances we find ourselves in.  Things are overwhelming. Usually we can power through, get through the day, but after awhile it becomes exhausting. One struggle after another. Some events are beyond our control.  People in our lives can also make things more of a strain. Unfortunately, as much as we try, we usually can’t change other people.   

You can only change yourself.  Sometimes the pressure of a stressful life builds up after a while. We think we are doinok, but sometimes old coping skills don’t work anymore.  People in our lives make things more difficult – sometimes our loved ones cause the most pain. We try to be a positive influence, but sometimes people don’t want our help.  Individual therapy can give you the tools you need to learn to cope with difficult situations and deal with people who cause you stress. 

As individuals, we often focus on everybody else – or forces outside our control. The boss makes us miserable. Our spouse drives us crazy. Our kids stress us out. We try to take care of others, make others happy, but often we neglect ourselves. 

Society rewards this focus on other people. Bosses love it when you sacrifice everything for the company. The corporation loves a martyr for their job.  Kids enjoy being doted upon, spouses love being taken care of. Friends love it when we do them favors. Organizations are always looking for volunteers.  Some of this is good, but too much and we get depleted. 

There is a lot of bad stuff out there! Turn on the tv, and the news is all negative. Work is nonstop. Illness or injury can surprise us – our bodies often rebel against us. The houses we live in and the cars we drive are always falling apart.. Natural disasters seem to be happening all the time. It can be exhausting dealing with the world. Because of this, people tend to be lost in depression or overwhelmed with anxiety and worry.

Old coping skills stop working. We can try to cover emotional distress with workaholism, non-stop activities, substance abuse, distractions, entertainment, staying busy. Escaping with unhealthy habits can be fun in the short term, but we can become self-destructive in the long run.  If we don’t face the things that are really bothering us, then they rise to the surface and cause more problems later. 

Sometimes we throw ourselves into nonstop activities and caretaking for our families. However, people we care about begin notice that we are unhappy, that we never do anything for ourselves. It gets harder to focus on work or school. Health problems get ignored and get worse. It can’t just be about everybody else, not all the time.  It’s time to take care of you. 

There is a way out strategies that can help! There is a way to deal with all these external forces. The key is focusing on you. When we change the focus to what we can control – how we think about the world and how we choose to react, then life is more manageable and things are not as overwhelming.  If we take some time and spend some energy on self-care, then we start to feel better. Whether it is stress, sadness, anger, pain, grief – there are proven strategies that can help. 

Individual therapy is an opportunity to focus on you.  Start therapy today so that life doesn’t keep getting harder. There is no need to struggle alone. Sometimes these things are just too hard to face by ourselves. Individual therapy can help!   Not only do you deserve this, but it might be the BEST thing you can do. You deserve a healthier, happier, stronger you. 

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