Individual Therapy

So hard to keep living this way

Life is stressful. Worrying about everything. Can’t believe these are the circumstances right now. Feels like there is a huge weight now all the time, not enough energy for all there is to do. Another day of “just trying to get through”.  One struggle after another, and not sure what to tackle next –  it is exhausting.  People give advice, but it’s not much help, if I could do that I wouldn’t feel this way! Don’t know where to turn.   

Everybody else.  So many people to deal with. The boss makes us miserable. Our spouse drives us crazy. Kids have never-ending needs. We try to make others happy, but often we don’t have time or energy for ourselves.  We get worn down.

Society rewards this focus on other people. Bosses love it when you sacrifice everything for the company. The corporation loves a martyr for their job.  Kids enjoy being doted upon, spouses love being taken care of. Friends love it when we do them favors. Organizations want your time. We need to take care of ourselves also, or gradually we start to suffer.  

There is a lot of bad stuff out there! Turn on the tv, and the news is all negative. Work is nonstop. Illness and injuries happen – our bodies rebel against us. The house is always falling apart. Natural disasters are a daily occurance. The world is a scary place. What does our future look like? People tend to go into a shell. Depression and Anxiety set in, and then get worse the more we isolate. Call Today to stop suffering!

Old solutions aren’t working. We try to cover emotional distress with workaholism, non-stop activities, substance abuse, distractions, entertainment, staying busy. Escaping with unhealthy habits can seem to help in the short term, but then become self-destructive or are just temporary.  It gets harder to focus. Health problems are ignnored for only so long. Financial stres catches up to us. Sleep becomes terrible.

It can’t just be about everybody else, not all the time.  It’s time to take care of you. If we don’t face the things that are really bothering us, then they rise to the surface and cause more problems later. 

Good News! You can change this, things can get better!  Life may have you feeling stuck, but it doesn’t have to stay this way. Going to therapy can give you the support and tools you need to cope with stress and feel good again.  People in therapy work through depression and anxiety every day and get through this. 

There is a way out Counseling can help! There is a way to deal with all of this. The key is starting to focus on you. Give yourselve permission to take care of yourself!  Therapy helps us change how we think about the world and how we choose to react to it. Life becomes more manageable and we begin to feel better. Whether it is stress, sadness, anger, pain, grief – there are proven strategies that work. Hans has helped hundreds of people work through what you are going through now. 

There is no need to struggle alone.  Sometimes these things are just too hard to face by ourselves. Start therapy today so that life doesn’t keep getting harder. Hans can help!   Not only do you deserve this, but it might be the BEST thing you can do. Be a healthier, happier, stronger you. 

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