Pain Reprocessing Therapy

An exhausting circumstance

Chronic pain is one of the most difficult things people face in life. It is also one of the most common reasons people see the doctor. Over 50 Million people in the US suffer from some kind of chronic pain.

Chronic pain can be frustrating and overwhelming. Pain killers are not a long-term cure. Sometimes surgery, injections and physical therapy aren’t effective! Coping on your own is very difficult. You do your best, but it gets exhausting. Family and friends try to be supportive, but get frustrated and don’t understand.

Grief and loss because of pain

There are good memories of the past and life that was easier. Now there are so many things that can’t be done. You miss your old activities.

Life gets boring. Sitting around is monotonous.  Hours spent staring at your phone, or watching TV. Sad about what you’ve lost.

Overdoing it

On some days, it gets a little better. Then you go all out – try to get things done.

The next day pain is worse, you pay for it.  The pain meds sometimes help you get by, but they don’t make it go away.

Impact on Relationships

Pain is tough, but sometimes the relationships are harder. Trying to pretend things are okay, trying to hide it so your partner doesn’t worry. Trying not to ask for help. There is guilt about being a burden.

At times you snap, you get irritable and aren’t all that fun to be around.

Loved ones don’t always know what to do and they get tired of hearing about it. Other people really can’t help, and you end up feeling you are on your own.   

Medical Fatigue

It gets exhausting sitting in doctors offices. There is disappointment when the new treatment doesn’t work.

Medical professionals can’t find a cause on an MRI or x-ray and say “there’s no explanation – we can’t find a reason for this”.

Perhaps you had an injury, but doctors say you should have healed a long time ago.  They don’t say, ‘it’s all in your head,” but that’s the look they give you.

Pain Reprocessing Therapy for Chronic Pain

The good news is that There is treatment that can help!  Traditional psychotherapy focused on helping people “deal” with the pain, how to cope with it.  PRT, or Pain Reprocessing Therapy, is a set of techniques that can help people actually reduce pain – and in some cases eliminate it altogether!

You are not crazy. You aren’t making this up. The pain is absolutely REAL.  We call this “Neuroplastic Pain” – your brain has created neural connections that aren’t necessary.  When you have neuroplastic pain, we can help re-train your brain, “rewire” those connections, to decrease the pain.

You don’t have to keep “living with it”

Pain is a normal response, but chronic pain is often because our brain has gotten stuck. The brain is sensing danger when it doesn’t need to and it is causing actual pain – but the good news is that we can often change that!  You don’t have to keep suffering.

Pain Reprocessing Therapy can help you get your life back!  Call me now at (720) 315-0123 or fill out the contact form below to set up your free phone consult to see if PRT is an option for you.

*Please note, Pain Reprocessing Therapy may not be effective in all cases.  If you have cancer, multiple sclerosis, lupus or other certain chronic illnesses, PRT may not be a useful treatment.  Hans will do a thorough assessment to help determine whether or not PRT could be beneficial for you. Hans is PRT Certified and has over 25 years of experience working with people with chronic pain. Call Today!