How is that New Year’s Resolution Going?

Most people don’t stick with their resolutions for long, or at the very least, quickly give up on attaining what they really want.  The problem isn’t with the goal, it’s with our tendency to focus on the seemingly impossible end result.

Holiday Survival Part 3: Coping with Grief

Holidays Remind us of Loss The holidays are supposed to be a time of joy and celebration. We see friends and family who we haven’t spent time with for a while. We attend gatherings and review the year, revel in our accomplishments, talk about the kids, laugh and enjoy food and drink together. Inevitably there… Read More

Holiday Survival, Part 2: Coping with Anxiety

Holiday Worries The holidays often bring anxiety and worry. What gift will I buy for so and so? Who am I forgetting? Are these gifts good enough? Will they notice if I don’t get them anything? What if I don’t contribute to the office charity this year? Am I a bad person? How am I… Read More

Holiday Survival Tips, Part 1: “The Ally”

The Holiday Gathering Gauntlet Holiday gatherings can turn a happy time of year into a minefield of stress. Even if you are in good spirits, family gatherings can bring you to the verge of a breakdown. Most of us love our families, but getting together for a celebratory feast can cause dread and anxiety. That… Read More

Man Alone in A Relationship

Always In Trouble  Men often struggle to understand what is happening in their relationship. You may feel you are always “in trouble”. You have no idea what she’s talking about. She said she wanted one thing, now today she’s mad that you aren’t doing something else. Somehow you are just supposed to know what she… Read More