The Cause Could be Anxiety

We often know we are not taking care of ourselves. Whether it is not eating healthy food, not getting enough sleep, not exercising – most of us our quick to point out that we “just don’t have time”.  We may not get together with friends, do fun things we used to enjoy, or have energy for that old hobby we used to love. People are too busy. Demands from work and family keep us on the go at all hours of the day. Often we find ourselves thinking about work in the middle of the night.  Or we find ourselves worrying about family issues while at work. We get to the end of the day and we are just worn out. These are real issues, but sometimes there is another culprit getting in the way called Anxiety. 

Worry Gets in the Way!

When we have Anxiety, we worry. Usually we worry about things outside of ourselves, things we have no control over. We worry about that meeting at work tomorrow, or what we said to someone earlier today.  We worry about our family member who is not healthy. We worry about kids who might be having difficulties. We worry about the house not being clean enough. We worry if we will get that promotion next year. We worry about saving for the future. We worry about fixing the car. We worry about aches and pains and that rare disease we saw a news story about. We worry about world events.  In short, worrying becomes a past time all its own. It’s what people with Anxiety do. It seems necessary, but usually we are not aware of how much time and energy it takes up. 

Prioritize Self-Care!

If you spend all that time worrying, then there really isn’t much time for self-care. The most important thing you can do to reduce Anxiety (besides going to therapy) is to Prioritize Self-Care.  At the beginning of each day, when you are amassing your unattainable to-do list, ask yourself “what do I need for me today?”. You might need time to exercise. You might need time to sit and read. You might need an extra few minutes to make a salad. You might need to talk to an old friend who you haven’t touched base with lately. You might need to go to the dentist.  You might need to spend half and hour with a child or a loved one who you’ve been too busy to really connect to. Sometimes leaving the dishes in the sink and having a real talk is what we need. It can be doing art, riding your bike, working on the truck engine, walking your dog, or going to bed earlier.  

“What do I need?”

Self care is mostly about giving yourself permission to do something good for you first.  Ask yourself: “What do I need for me today?”. Anxiety is about focusing on everyone and everything else – you do that enough! People do a much better job dealing with all those worries, when they are taking care of themselves.  Prioritize yourself. Do something nice for yourself. Do something you enjoy. You might even end up worrying a little less!