Seasonal Toxic Relative Disorder

Posted by on Nov 21, 2014 in Couples, Family, Family Dysfunction, Holiday Blues, Holiday Stress, Marriage, relatives, Seasonal Depression | 0 comments

Perhaps you are feeling the impending doom of embarking on a family trip over the river and through the woods to the wicked witch of the West’s house for Thanksgiving or Christmas.  Or perhaps crazy Uncle Mel will be in town for a week and has nowhere else to stay.  In many families, there are relatives who can wreak havoc on what might otherwise be a peaceful and festive gathering.  A psychological textbook could be written about the ability of one toxic person to inflict chaos and pain upon an extended family during the course of a four day weekend.  For today, however, I’ll outline some...

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Ten Steps Toward Healthy Communication about Money

Posted by on Jul 30, 2014 in Couples, Couples Counseling, Marriage, Money, Money, Relationships, Stress | 0 comments

Many couples become stuck in a rut with money. Both people in the relationship begin to become entrenched in their opinion that the other person is “wrong”.  When the issue does come up, both fire away at each other with verbal attacks, or sarcastic comments.  Sometimes it festers below the surface and couples often either become more detached, or act in ways that are passive aggressive.  The longer these patterns continue, the further apart the couple becomes emotionally.  Gradually it becomes more difficult to communicate and make decisions together.  If it continues for too long both...

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Winning the Relationship War is a Losing Battle

Posted by on Nov 13, 2013 in Communication, Couples, Couples Counseling, Divorce, Marriage, Mental Health, Relationships, Therapy | 1 comment

Couples often become mired in a long running siege of relationship warfare.  Usually this type of tension is not direct confrontation – the plate throwing and screaming so loud the neighbors call the police scenarios that fill television dramas.  Usually it’s a little more subdued.  The occasional argument, sniping when the other person is walking out of the room, comments under the breath, sarcasm, criticism with the implication that you know the other person is not going to change, and passive aggressive behaviors, name calling, backhanded compliments, digs, and of course distancing,...

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