Relationship Coaching

Things are “ok”

There is a reason you are together. There is a lot of love, but sometimes couples just get lost in the chaos, the rush, the work, the hamster wheel of the schedule.

Every once in awhile there is a mention of “Hey, sometime we need to talk about…” – but you don’t.

Couples tend to avoid tough conversations – or often have good intentions, but life just gets in the way. There could be a bad habit or a negative pattern – a disagreement that keeps going down the same worn out path.

People often begin to think, “Well, that’s just the way relationships are,” resigning themselves to just trying to be ok with it. Maybe at times you wish that things could be different, but then you think, “They’ll probably never change.”

And then both of you settle for how things are. 

There is a dream you used to have, maybe you talk about it, but don’t take action. There are goals for the future perhaps, but no commitment to getting there.  You’re stuck thinking “someday…”

Life is short – your relationship is precious. Don’t settle for a relationship that’s good, but not great.

Relationship coaching is your catalyst for breaking through to a more fulfilling, fun, harmonious life together. 

Get back that Mojo

We all know that feeling. You are together with that special someone. Everything is in ‘flow.’ It’s easy. Just a look, and you know what they are thinking. You can anticipate each other’s needs.

You say the right things. You are on the same page, heading in the right direction. Life is good, and you both can feel it.

Some might call it Chemistry or Connection or Synergy. I like to call it Mojo. It’s this life force that happens when two people create an energy together that is unique, powerful, and greater than what either could experience individually.

You felt it early on, that attraction, that pull, that initial “Aha! I like this, this is Good!” It was easy to share hopes, dreams, plans; try new things; and go places.

The sex is good, but it’s way more than that. It’s a feeling, but it’s also when the words mean what they say. It’s that commitment that you don’t even have to ask about. It’s that being happy to see each other at the end of the day. Being able to feel whatever you are feeling, and it’s ok to share it.

Safety and stability, but also freedom for adventure. Connectedness, but being fine doing your own thing. Taking risks and knowing you’ve got each other’s backs. You’ve got that Mojo, it’s all good!

Create the Relationship of Your Dreams!

We get a small taste of Relationship Mojo at the beginning of a relationship, and it’s usually pretty easy. Later, we often lose track of it. It’s there, but we don’t nurture it. The coals of the fire are still glowing, but we don’t tend to it.

We can talk, but we could say so much more. There are vague ideas of great things ahead, but we never get started. There are things we need, but we’re not quite sure how to ask.

Relationship coaching can help you find that Mojo again and grow it, live it, make it into something you haven’t dreamed of yet! Get back on track, get better, get stronger, genuinely enjoy your life together.

It’s time to make each other a priority and invest the energy into making this relationship better than ever.

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