Holiday Stress

Seasonal Toxic Relative Disorder

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Perhaps you are feeling the impending doom of embarking on a family trip over the river and through the woods to the wicked witch of the West’s house for Thanksgiving or Christmas.  Or perhaps crazy Uncle Mel will be in town for a week and has nowhere else to stay.  In many families, there are relatives who can wreak havoc on what might otherwise be a peaceful and festive gathering.  A psychological textbook could be written about the ability of one toxic person to inflict chaos and pain upon an extended family during the course of a four day weekend.  For today, however, I’ll outline some...

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Ten Ways to Cope With Grief

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Grief over a loved one dying is a challenge that all of us face at one time or another.  The usual question is: “What can I do to get through this?!”  Time does not always heal all wounds, sometimes we need to actively attend to our grief and find ways to make meaning out of what is often a tragic and traumatic event. One:  Allow Yourself to Feel.  Feel whatever emotions you are feeling at this time, and resist the temptation to label any of that as wrong, weak, or bad. You may go through the classic stages of: denial, anger, bargaining, depression, and acceptance – or you may go...

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No Need for Therapy During the Holidays Top Ten List

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10. “I’ve been going to therapy for a while now, I deserve a break.” 9. “With all this shopping, I’ve got more shopping to do.” 8. “With all this shopping, I can’t afford therapy.” 7.  “If I don’t talk about it, it’ll be easier to pretend to be happy this year.” 6. “All the cold/snow/darkness – I hate going out when it’s like this!” 5.  “I have to work late (because then I can avoid confronting my holiday issues).” 4.  “I hate the holidays and that’s never going to change, so what’s the...

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