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This Relationship Needs Help

The two of you have been solid for years, but now it seems stagnant.  There’s nothing too exciting anymore. The love isn’t gone, but you feel a bit disconnected? Often couples get too comfortable, used to the routine and take each other for granted.

You’ve talked about making changes, but there’s no action?  Always “too busy” to work on things? Don’t let your relationship stay stuck! 


It Used to be Easy

Once upon a time there was fun and laughter!  It was easy: love, affection, kind words, and time to spend together.  Always there for each other – we were a good couple! There were challenges, but we always got through. Now… maybe we’re just “getting through”?


Life is just Normal Now

We don’t often say those words of appreciation.  Stare at our cell phones, but we don’t look at each other the way we used to. There doesn’t seem to be quite that spark anymore. Getting bogged down in the to-do list. Do the same things we always do. Is there something missing? We used to make big plans, but now not sure where we are headed.


Coaching helps Relationships Transform

Still love each other, but want to feel closer? Tired of talking, and not feeling heard or understood?  Want something to change and not sure how to start? 

Relationship Coaching helps you prioritize your relationship. Be a real team and create your dreams! Make your relationship stronger and have fun again! 

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Things Can Get Better

For over twenty five years, Hans has helped hundreds of couples return to happiness. Coaching helps you take your relationship to new heights!

Reconnect with the most important person in your life. Truly communicate. Rekindle your romance. Create your positive future together!

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