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Therapy For When You Can’t Get to an Office

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Let therapy fit YOUR schedule.

If you have a safe, private space to talk – with a high-speed Internet connection, there is no need to endure a long drive to an office.

We’re busy and there’s just not enough time for therapy. The thought of figuring out how to fit something YOU need into an already full schedule is overwhelming in itself.


So many reasons to use online therapy…

Perhaps you’re at home because of physical pain, or because anxiety makes it hard to leave your house. Online therapy is available to you. Many people are miles from a therapy office… online counseling is wherever you are.

Lack of childcare can prevent people from visiting an office to receive help. Whether availability, expense, or inconvenience, online therapy can be the solution if you have kids.  Sit in your car for a therapy session while your kid has sports practice.  Have a session while they nap (you can check on them). 

Maybe you don’t want anyone to know your business. Wherever you live, you may not want to take a chance of running into someone you know in the lobby.  There is enough to deal with without people asking questions. Online therapy provides more privacy.


Therapy wherever you are!

Online Therapy can be a solution when life, time, or distance gets in the way.

Additionally, recent studies comparing online therapy with in-person therapy show the two as equivalent. Online therapy is equal to in-person therapy, but more convenient.


It’s simple…

Online therapy is provided through a video session that you attend using the camera on your computer, laptop or phone.  There is an app for your phone that is simple to use. There is no software to download for PCs or laptops.

All online sessions are conducted via secure, HIPPA-compliant videoconference that protects your privacy.


Free Consultation!

Trying online counseling for the first time can be intimidating. Fill out the form below or call today to set up your FREE first video consultation. See what it’s like and experience how easy it is. Have a chance to talk over video chat and ask questions directly. We will determine together whether or not moving forward with online therapy is a good idea.  20 minute free video consultations usually available within 48 hours!


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