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Heart is pounding, and mind is racing.

From one worry to another: work, money, marriage, kids, the endless to-do list… life feels out of control.

Things that used to be clear are now confusing. Relationships aren’t working, no time for what’s important and annoyed with everyone. Always too busy. Tired of trying just to get through the day.

Now problems seem to be getting worse.

It’s hard to focus, not as much energy, and old coping skills aren’t working. There used to be joy in life, but now it feels like everything is an uphill battle.

Struggling through each day – underneath the mask you show the world, you are feeling lost and alone. “When was the last time I felt happy?” Something must change.

You’ve thought about going to therapy for a long time – why not now?

I can help you!

For over 25 years, I have helped people improve communication, stop worrying, and enjoy life again. In counseling, you will learn new strategies to work through depression, anxiety and relationship challenges.

Take the next step and call me at (720) 315-0123 or email hans@arvadatherapy.com. I want to help you find a way to
a more joyous life, alone or in relationship.

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Using proven, research-based therapy techniques, I help people achieve practical goals and get what they want out of life.

Give yourself a chance to learn new skills that will help you worry less, fight off depression, and improve relationships.

Begin living a more fulfilling, rewarding, and happier life!

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Hans J. Sieber, MC, LPC
Reach out to me at (720) 315-0123 or email hans@arvadatherapy.com.


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