Couples Counseling:

Repair and Renew your Rocky Relationship

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This Relationship is Struggling!

It feels like things are falling apart. Where this relationship is going? In the past, arguing wasn’t such a big problem.  Now, everything seems like a blow up – things explode at the drop of a hat. Anger just beneath the surface – issues that just can’t be talked about. 


Things Used to be Good!

Once upon a time we had fun and enjoyed ourselves!  It didn’t matter if things weren’t perfect, everything turned out all right. It was easy. Love and affection, kind words, and time to spend together.  Always there for each other.  Couldn’t wait to see each other at the end of the day. This was mean to be.


Now there is Tension

Sitting right next to each other you feel far apart, a wall of silence.  Wanting to say something, but don’t want to make it worse.  Staring at cell phones, tired of feeling alone – no real connection. Try to pretend, avoid conflict, but eventually there’s another fight. This gets so tiring.


This Can’t Continue

Still love this person, but can’t stand your relationship right now? To the point of not talking at all, and sometimes having thoughts of ending it?  You don’t have to stay stuck. It can help to have a relationship expert work through things with you. Fill out the form below and talk to Hans about how Couples Counseling can help!  Don’t want give out your email address? I get it, Click to Call for your free phone consult.  


Things Can Get Better

For over twenty years, Hans has helped hundreds of couples return to happiness. He provides therapy that gives you skills to make things better. Learn how to talk and listen to each other.  Rekindle your romance. Regain trust.  Resolve old issues. Look forward to the future. Have fun again! You got together for a reason, you can make this work! Call Hans today at Arvada Therapy and start Couples Counseling.  Fill out the contact form and Hans will call you within 24 hours.  

Online Video Therapy Now Available!








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