Depression the Distorter

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Depression can be a debilitating condition, in large part due to how much it distorts our thinking.  These distortions are not hallucinations, but they do skew our vision to make it hard to see things realistically.  Thinking is distorted or filtered by Depression in such a way so that it is hard to see anything good in the world.  Every day life has challenges, road blocks, and sometimes tragedies, and when we are not experiencing Depression, we can see solutions -we have options.  With Depression, we feel like we are stuck, it is hard to see that there are any good options. We may not be...

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Waiting for Things to Get Better

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Imagine the following bizarre scenarios.   You wake up and a tree has fallen on your house, so you decide to wait for it to decompose on its own. You hope that the tree will roll to one side eventually and you’ll have a nice skylight. You are busy at work and there is a fire alarm. You assume it is a drill and stay at your desk. Smoke begins to fill the room. The lights have gone out and your computer stops working. You decide to hold your breath and wait and see if your computer turns back on. You’re driving down the road and hear a loud clanking noise coming from the car.  All of a sudden...

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But I Don’t Feel Depressed!

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Friends or relatives often give advice to someone that they should go to counseling for Depression, but sometimes that person doesn’t believe that they are depressed.  At times a person has lived with depressive symptoms for so long, that how they feel just seems normal.  This is especially true with a form of Depression called Dysthymic Disorder – which is sometimes referred to as a “Low Grade” depression.  While in some ways the symptoms of this kind of depression are less severe and dramatic, this Dysthymic depression can gradually have a debilitating impact on a person’s...

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After writing and choosing photos and designs and editing and re-editing, here it is, my new website: !  It’s over, I’m done! Well, sort of… at least for today. I am celebrating with a new blog.  Part of the beauty my new website is that now my blog is part of the website, which means the website will continue to evolve and change over time.   That seems appropriate.  In my therapy practice my clients change from week to week, we learn together, the process continues.   For now though it is a good feeling to get the website (mostly) finished and it is time to launch!...

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Exercise (don’t read this, just go, you’ll feel better)

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It’s not uncommon in therapy for clients to tell me “I know I need to exercise more” (in fact, it’s not uncommon for me to tell myself that). Much has been written about the Mind-Body Connection over the years, but it is such a common theme in my sessions that I feel it’s worth addressing. “Talk therapy” in any of its various forms can be helpful in and of itself, however sometimes addressing the physical while also working on psychological issues can bring about more profound and lasting changes. Achieving wellness ideally involves a holistic approach in order to improve many aspects of...

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No Need for Therapy During the Holidays Top Ten List

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10. “I’ve been going to therapy for a while now, I deserve a break.” 9. “With all this shopping, I’ve got more shopping to do.” 8. “With all this shopping, I can’t afford therapy.” 7.  “If I don’t talk about it, it’ll be easier to pretend to be happy this year.” 6. “All the cold/snow/darkness – I hate going out when it’s like this!” 5.  “I have to work late (because then I can avoid confronting my holiday issues).” 4.  “I hate the holidays and that’s never going to change, so what’s the...

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