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Human beings are social animals. Although many people are what psychologists call “introverts”, our ancestors throughout almost all of history have spent their time depending upon each other. From an evolutionary perspective, interpersonal relationships are desirable because our connection to others helps us survive physically. Emotions, however, are integral to our human experience.  Our feeling of connection, or bonding, to other people plays a big role in our identity and our emotional well being. Even the most independent of us still want to know that we have family or close friends who...

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Ten Steps Toward Healthy Communication about Money

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Many couples become stuck in a rut with money. Both people in the relationship begin to become entrenched in their opinion that the other person is “wrong”.  When the issue does come up, both fire away at each other with verbal attacks, or sarcastic comments.  Sometimes it festers below the surface and couples often either become more detached, or act in ways that are passive aggressive.  The longer these patterns continue, the further apart the couple becomes emotionally.  Gradually it becomes more difficult to communicate and make decisions together.  If it continues for too long both...

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Waiting for Things to Get Better

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Imagine the following bizarre scenarios.   You wake up and a tree has fallen on your house, so you decide to wait for it to decompose on its own. You hope that the tree will roll to one side eventually and you’ll have a nice skylight. You are busy at work and there is a fire alarm. You assume it is a drill and stay at your desk. Smoke begins to fill the room. The lights have gone out and your computer stops working. You decide to hold your breath and wait and see if your computer turns back on. You’re driving down the road and hear a loud clanking noise coming from the car.  All of a sudden...

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No Need for Therapy During the Holidays Top Ten List

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10. “I’ve been going to therapy for a while now, I deserve a break.” 9. “With all this shopping, I’ve got more shopping to do.” 8. “With all this shopping, I can’t afford therapy.” 7.  “If I don’t talk about it, it’ll be easier to pretend to be happy this year.” 6. “All the cold/snow/darkness – I hate going out when it’s like this!” 5.  “I have to work late (because then I can avoid confronting my holiday issues).” 4.  “I hate the holidays and that’s never going to change, so what’s the...

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Winning the Relationship War is a Losing Battle

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Couples often become mired in a long running siege of relationship warfare.  Usually this type of tension is not direct confrontation – the plate throwing and screaming so loud the neighbors call the police scenarios that fill television dramas.  Usually it’s a little more subdued.  The occasional argument, sniping when the other person is walking out of the room, comments under the breath, sarcasm, criticism with the implication that you know the other person is not going to change, and passive aggressive behaviors, name calling, backhanded compliments, digs, and of course distancing,...

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