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After writing and choosing photos and designs and editing and re-editing, here it is, my new website: !  It’s over, I’m done! Well, sort of… at least for today. I am celebrating with a new blog.  Part of the beauty my new website is that now my blog is part of the website, which means the website will continue to evolve and change over time.   That seems appropriate.  In my therapy practice my clients change from week to week, we learn together, the process continues.   For now though it is a good feeling to get the website (mostly) finished and it is time to launch!...

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Hello world!

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Well, perhaps it’s inevitable. I resisted CDs until 1996.  I resisted cell phones until 2001. I resisted Facebook until last year. My car was made in 1994.  In any case, it seems like this is the natural progression of things. I hope you’ll enjoy this blog, find some humor in it and perhaps learn something. In my work as a mental health therapist I find that there is a growing interest in all things psychological.  Possibly the internet has something to do with this. Many of us now are spending more time online writing ourselves (when we’re not writing about what we had for lunch or...

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