Holiday Blues

Seasonal Toxic Relative Disorder

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Perhaps you are feeling the impending doom of embarking on a family trip over the river and through the woods to the wicked witch of the West’s house for Thanksgiving or Christmas.  Or perhaps crazy Uncle Mel will be in town for a week and has nowhere else to stay.  In many families, there are relatives who can wreak havoc on what might otherwise be a peaceful and festive gathering.  A psychological textbook could be written about the ability of one toxic person to inflict chaos and pain upon an extended family during the course of a four day weekend.  For today, however, I’ll outline some...

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A Recipe for Coping with Grief over the Holidays

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The holidays are tough for a lot of people.  This is especially true if you’ve lost a loved one.  We miss having someone who’s no longer with us – and holidays feel emptier without them.  It can be even harder if your loved one passed away during the holidays.   We sometimes imagine that a holiday season cannot be happy without that someone special. Grief at the holidays is difficult because the holidays bring constant reminders of the way things used to be. There are a few things you can do to help you cope with this holiday grief.  The first is: Reach Out for Support. The more you...

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No Need for Therapy During the Holidays Top Ten List

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10. “I’ve been going to therapy for a while now, I deserve a break.” 9. “With all this shopping, I’ve got more shopping to do.” 8. “With all this shopping, I can’t afford therapy.” 7.  “If I don’t talk about it, it’ll be easier to pretend to be happy this year.” 6. “All the cold/snow/darkness – I hate going out when it’s like this!” 5.  “I have to work late (because then I can avoid confronting my holiday issues).” 4.  “I hate the holidays and that’s never going to change, so what’s the...

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