Ten Ways to Cope With Grief

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Grief over a loved one dying is a challenge that all of us face at one time or another.  The usual question is: “What can I do to get through this?!”  Time does not always heal all wounds, sometimes we need to actively attend to our grief and find ways to make meaning out of what is often a tragic and traumatic event. One:  Allow Yourself to Feel.  Feel whatever emotions you are feeling at this time, and resist the temptation to label any of that as wrong, weak, or bad. You may go through the classic stages of: denial, anger, bargaining, depression, and acceptance – or you may go...

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What if?

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My car is in the shop. I’m at a local spot having coffee. Amazing how crowded this place is. Doesn’t anybody work anymore? Well, an excuse for me not to work at the moment, except my brain is working overtime. This car has ben limping along for while now. Most would have put the old clunker out of its misery long ago, but I’ve grown attached to the hunk of metal. No car payment is nice too. Anxiety can sneak up on me at times like this. I talk to worriers everyday, I know all the tricks. It can be easy to fall into the trap. What if? What if it’s a huge repair –...

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A Rare Day Off

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The sun is out and its cold but amazingly I have some free time today. I’m out for coffee, will maybe go for a hike and then go home and play my guitar.  Awesome to have a “day off”!  Plagued by guilt about not working, or cleaning, or doing something “productive”.  Sometimes though doing what you love to do is good for your soul.  Especially being a parent, I often feel like there is barely a minute to myself.  Actually I was lucky this weekend to get a few hours to go watch a basketball game with a friend (my wonderful wife took the boys to the zoo). When I got out to watch the game,...

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School Drop Off Wake Up

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Getting kids ready to go to school is a bit like herding squirrels in a cave with no flashlight. You think they can hear you, but progress is slow and success seems almost accidental. This morning was one of those days and I was actually fairly proud of myself for maintaining my composure (which I admit I have lost a few times in the past).  At any rate, I was glad to get the kids to school and out of the car and began walking them up to the door when I heard a conversation behind me:  A father was telling another parent that he was recently back from Afghanistan.  I largely ignored this and...

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Near Miss

Posted by on Jun 15, 2011 in Existential | 3 comments

Not long ago we were on a family outing when a large SUV almost merged into us on the highway going about 70 mph.  Luckily my wife saw it coming before I did and I was able to slam on the brakes and get out of the way.  We were both shaken up by this and although the rest of the day was not as great as we had hoped, we kept reminding each other “At least we’re not in intensive care right now – or worse.”  It happened again to me yesterday. One day a week I have a long drive to make. I considered picking up my cell phone to call and old friend, but decided to drive in quiet instead (since I...

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Meaningful Holidays are Happier

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The holiday season can be overwhelming, busy and complicated. However, obviously there is great meaning in these holidays. Spirituality and religion are no doubt a huge factor in many people’s lives – the very positive nature of this is evident in the amazing amount of importance placed upon this time of year. However, we can get so wrapped up in the formalities, the cards, the gifts, the gatherings, that we are overwhelmed and worn out just by “doing”. There’s not a lot of time or energy for reflection or for being mindful. No matter what your religious...

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