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Human beings are social animals. Although many people are what psychologists call “introverts”, our ancestors throughout almost all of history have spent their time depending upon each other. From an evolutionary perspective, interpersonal relationships are desirable because our connection to others helps us survive physically. Emotions, however, are integral to our human experience.  Our feeling of connection, or bonding, to other people plays a big role in our identity and our emotional well being. Even the most independent of us still want to know that we have family or close friends who...

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Winning the Relationship War is a Losing Battle

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Couples often become mired in a long running siege of relationship warfare.  Usually this type of tension is not direct confrontation – the plate throwing and screaming so loud the neighbors call the police scenarios that fill television dramas.  Usually it’s a little more subdued.  The occasional argument, sniping when the other person is walking out of the room, comments under the breath, sarcasm, criticism with the implication that you know the other person is not going to change, and passive aggressive behaviors, name calling, backhanded compliments, digs, and of course distancing,...

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Thirteen Months

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It’s hard to find time to write a blog when you have twin 5 year old boys, work, have a private practice and attempt to get things done around the house. One of the things that often doesn’t get done at our house – or so it seems, is communication. A typical scene might involve my wife and I discussing how much money is in the checking account when the toilet begins to overflow because a member of the family who is less than four feet tall has put a whole roll of toilet paper in and flushed. On another day you may be attempting to express concern about a career decision when a child jumps...

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