Depression the Distorter

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Depression can be a debilitating condition, in large part due to how much it distorts our thinking.  These distortions are not hallucinations, but they do skew our vision to make it hard to see things realistically.  Thinking is distorted or filtered by Depression in such a way so that it is hard to see anything good in the world.  Every day life has challenges, road blocks, and sometimes tragedies, and when we are not experiencing Depression, we can see solutions -we have options.  With Depression, we feel like we are stuck, it is hard to see that there are any good options. We may not be...

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Man Up and Call a Counselor

Posted by on Oct 27, 2013 in Cognitive, Coping Skills, Male Depression, Men, Mental Health, Therapy, Wellness | 0 comments

Men often avoid therapy in large extent due to receiving social messages from an early age to be tough and independent.  Independence has played a big role in our country’s identity starting with the founding fathers, continuing with pioneers who moved westward and over the years this idea of the independent male figure has grown to mythological proportions.  We should be able to fix the large truck that we bought with cash that we made with our own business that we worked nights to make a success.  The more pain we endure, mental or physical during the process, that’s just more evidence of...

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The Extra Mile

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I went for what I thought would be a quick hike this morning.  Within the first 50 feet I realized it was going to be more difficult than usual.  After a long weekend and taking a couple weeks off from hiking, my legs were feeling like cement.  On the initial steep slope that I usually try to do without stopping, I stopped twice.  I made the slow trek up wondering if I had acquired a rare circulatory disorder or just needed a personal trainer, all while attempting not to breathe heavily when I met athletic looking people on their way down from running  all over the mountain.   On a good day...

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