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After writing and choosing photos and designs and editing and re-editing, here it is, my new website:  www.arvadatherapy.com !  It’s over, I’m done! Well, sort of… at least for today. I am celebrating with a new blog.  Part of the beauty my new website is that now my blog is part of the website, which means the website will continue to evolve and change over time.   That seems appropriate.  In my therapy practice my clients change from week to week, we learn together, the process continues.   For now though it is a good feeling to get the website (mostly) finished and it is time to launch!

The whole website design process has been a bit odd for me actually – it is very different from the therapy process I experience with clients.  While I do prepare for therapy sessions, and there is science behind the theories and techniques that guide it, for the most part sessions are fluid and spontaneous.  I take what you give me and we work with it in the moment, right now!  Sometimes I have an idea of what you might want to talk about ahead of time, or what I think we should work on, but more often than not people surprise me with something new.  Frequently, people in therapy express surprise at themselves – “I didn’t think I had anything to talk about today and then all I did was talk!”  Insights or realizations occur because talking about things out loud helps us open doors inside our heads.  Topics we didn’t think we could, or didn’t know we needed to talk about, seem to mysteriously rise to the surface.  I may help you plant the psychological seeds, but your subconscious decides what grows out of each session.  On the one hand psychotherapy is a very well thought out and researched process,  and yet the real power is in those “AHA!” moments that are unscripted, spontaneous and impossible to predict.  Sure there are difficult moments we work through, painful material to discuss. There is often dirt to dig in and garbage to wade through.  People cry in my office every day, and then the tears stop, or the anger subsides and things seem a bit clearer – we find a new path forward.  Occasionally people even smile and laugh!  That’s why I love my work.  I can’t wait to see what new path we’ll walk down together.

So perhaps my website will be a bit of a process as well.  I did my research, had experts work hard to help me put it all together (Thank You wonderful website consultants at Counselingwise!).  I analyzed and overanalyzed each sentence, agonized over details –but in the end how it unfolds is another ongoing saga.  I can’t wait to hear your feedback and continue this journey.  As I interact with you in my office, more blogging will continue to emerge…but enough writing for now.  Hello arvadatherapy.com!

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